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Authors First

At BookLogix, authors come first. We give authors the information and tools they need to be knowledgeable about the publishing industry with:

Free educational workshops and webinars
Marketing and selling services
Continuing author support after book is published

We don’t just edit and print books and send an author on their way. Hear what some of our authors have to say!


BookLogix has been an author's dream. Help with ideation structure, and edits, they are so comfortable with which to work. They hosted a publisher's fair where authors met promoters, service organizations, and NY advertisers. All the registrations for Amazon, Indie Reader, and other outlets are done for us. My experience with BookLogix has been wonderful.


As a first-time author my experience with BookLogix was EXEMPLARY! Jessica and the staff worked with us in detail explaining the many options available and consultatively guided us to our finished product. With their expertise she provide a UPC Barcode, ISBN number as well as a Library of Congress Control number--and the finished publication is OUTSTANDING! We have received many compliments on both the design & quality of the book and it is far more beautiful than I ever expected. BookLogix has already printed & designed several other books for our co-author and he experience is so satisfactory he wishes to sign a sole publishing agreement with BookLogix. BookLogix made the difficult task of writing and publishing a book into an easy, seamless experience with the end result a phenomenal product. I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND BookLogix for all your publishing needs.

Louise Cook, Tales from Under the Moon Roof

OMG, publishing my first book was like being on a roller coaster due to a deadline that I had to meet. The team at BookLogix was incredible. There were formatting problems that no one could fix but BookLogix stuck with it and revised everything to meet my deadline.

I can't say how much I appreciate their effort. I highly recommend everyone at the company.

Bobbie Christmas, Write In Style

BookLogix and its staff offers the best of all worlds. Buy only the services you need, and you'll get personalized, professional service, no matter what you buy. I had the company create the cover of my book--Write In Style: How to Use Your Computer to Improve Your Writing--as well as the internal layout and the printing. The cover is spectacular; in fact every portion of the job was handled beautifully, and within months, the book won First Place in the How-To Category at the Florida Book Festival. I'd be willing to bet it will win more awards before the year is out.

Mickey Goodman, Co-Author of Nine Lives of a Marriage

My three-year experience with BookLogix has been totally positive. They helped turn Nine Lives of a Marriage: A Curious Journey (written with a Holocaust survivor) into reality. Their prices are fair and personal attention has been wonderful. I'm working on another book project with them.

Cara Warren, Publisher of Paw It Forward

In 1 word.... Incredible! Great team, leadership, service, product quality, author training.... they have it all! I highly recommend using BookLogix for self-publishing. They did an amazing job for me and I will continue to use them for years to come. 

Patricia Zerman, Twelve Guaranteed Ways to Stay Miserable, Or Not...

I wanted to write and let the staff at BookLogix know how grateful I am to have found your company. Over the last ten years, the service has been exemplary, the support amazing, the quality high, the educational offering rare, and the financial outlay extremely fair. In my opinion, there is a foundation of integrity that is hard to come by in today's world. I feel safe, cared for and valued as a customer.

Recently, I spoke with a large publishing company that was willing to accept my book. While I had a feeling a financial investment might be asked on my part, I had no idea the amount would be as high as was required. This, and other dealings around marketing my book, is what prompted me to write. The level of gratitude I feel has increased even more.

In my opinion, BookLogix is a true gem in the publishing field. You all deserve the highest recognition possible for who you are, what you stand for, and the willingness to stand out in an extremely competitive field.

Christine Roberts, Inspirational Mind Food

I wrote a book called Inspirational Mind Food. When I decided to publish my book I didn't know where to start and then I was referred to BookLogix. When I met with [the staff] I was blown away by the service, advice, and attention to detail. They 'walked' me through the process with grace and professionalism. I am now a proud published author and I couldn't have done it without them!

I highly recommend BookLogix and the entire team, if you are interested in publishing your book along with all the various services that come along with it!

Bud Carter, Pithy Quotes

My experience with BookLogix exceeded all expectations on all counts... Your company provided services I did not know were available, provided a product of outstanding quality at competitive prices accompanied with start to finish, highly responsive, do-what-it-takes customer service. Aside from a best seller, I'm not sure what more I could have asked.

Julius Pryor III, Thriving in a Disruptive World

My experience with BookLogix has been outstanding. When I started working on my book three years ago, I actually thought that I could do it alone. I quickly found out I needed help. BookLogix created a tailored program for me that included professional editing, graphic arts, suggestions on branding and even took care of securing ISBN numbers.

They assigned a project manager who worked in synch with me for the entire process. I was able to speak to her via email, telephone and in person whenever I needed to talk about my concerns. They created a timeline and we stayed on schedule start to finish. The team was extremely professional--they even pushed back on some ideas of mine, that in hindsight, would not have worked: They wanted to be sure that my book had very high production value. Its not often that you can connect with the CEO of the publishing company, but if I needed to speak with him, he always returned my calls immediately.

Our initial print run was softcover, but we are about to print a hardcover version and an eBook version. The other advantage that they bring is that their production facility is in-house. The printing plant is right there next to the BookLogix executive offices! They also have relationships with and the other major distributors.

This has been and continues to be a superlative experience. They even have free weekend workshops that cover the basics of anything having to do with writing and publishing a book! I am highly recommending the BookLogix team to anyone who is thinking about or is about to do a book.

Wendy Ellin, Enough Is Enough, Get Control of Your Stuff!

The [team] at BookLogix has been one of the most professional and efficient companies I have ever worked with. Not only are they experts in their field, but they are people who continue to promise and over deliver—every time. It is a pure pleasure to work with them, and I highly recommend them to anyone who is considering writing a book—it will make the process way more productive and enjoyable.

Tom McDonald, Sheep to Shepherd

Any aspiring writer will be well served to ask this full-service professional publishing house to help them get into print. This young and dynamically led company of dedicated professionals is determined to change the poor image that self-publishing houses have garnered, perhaps unjustly, over the years.

Herb McClure, Native Turkeys and a Georgia Mountain Turkey Hunter

Never could have had my success had it not been for the BookLogix Team; their workshops, know-how, and help all set the stage. A very personal thanks to you.

Mary Ann Bracegirdle, Small Town Blessings

I so enjoyed working with [BookLogix] while having my book Small Town Blessings published. They were positive, helpful, and responded quickly to all my requests. It made the whole process painless for me and did so much to develop what I think is a good product. They make good emissaries for your business, and if I get courage enough to write another book I will certainly come to [BookLogix] for publishing.


We just received the books! Omid, they look AWESOME!! I love the glossy cover! Thanks so much to you and your team for doing such a fantastic job! I'm so glad you're back working with me. You ROCK!