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3 Great Steps to Take When You Are Behind at Work

Legal Counsel for Authors

There are many legal issues an author should be concerned about, and if not dealt with prior to publication, they could mean hassle and…

Evaluate the Risks Before Following a Trend

Citing – Part II: Are there bad sources?

When looking for a source, you need to research the author, location, and its alterability.

Tips for Better Proofreading

Advice for Writing About Trauma

Publishing Children’s Books: It’s Not All Child’s Play

Authors: Raise the Bar in Your Marketing!

As the self-publishing industry continues to grow and mature, it is important for authors to raise the bar alongside their publisher in…

Tis the Season for Book Releases!

One of the best ways to raise awareness and draw attention to your newest literary accomplishment is through a book launch event.

Deciding What to Write About…and Actually Writing It!

Here are some tips to deciding upon an idea that will empower and drive you to writing a piece you will be proud to share with the world.

"Netflix for Books" What Does This Mean for Authors?

Citing – Part I: Why Use Citations?

Citing is a form of reference that is essential to many non-fiction books.