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5 Tips for Strengthening Your Fiction Writing

Crowdfunding for Authors: Raise Funds to Publish

If they don’t have a full publishing budget, they may skimp on some of the important elements of the publishing process, which can then hurt…

My Blog Was Due on Monday, That Was Three Days Ago…

Your Book Can Help Spread your Words to the Community

Giving back through volunteering is a great way to show you value your community and your business can benefit as well.

Co-Authors Must Consider

eBooks: Standard vs. Fixed

Here are a few tips to help writers understand the differences between the two.

An Introduction to Editors

I’m going to share with you both what an editor does.

Think You Know Social Media?

Care to share? Your book buying habits!


Six Marketing Goals to Complete Before You Publish Your Book

Publishing a book is not an easy task and the process does not end when the book is printed.

When is it finished?

At some point, you have to call your book done.

Common Tax Mistakes Authors Make

Before you send in that return, run through this list of common tax mistakes authors make.