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Better to be First or Best?

Better to be accurate when reporting and be second on the air with it, than be first and report the wrong information and spend the rest of…

Who Cares about the Oxford Comma?

“Who even cares about the Oxford Comma?”

Where Baby Books Are Born…

5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Writing

Social Media Marketing for Authors

What’s a “Source File”?

But what exactly is a “source file”?

Goodbye to 2013!

The Website: A Must-Have for Your Book

If you’re still writing your book, maybe you haven’t even given it any thought. But you’re going to want to have a website to help you…

The Fine Line Between Wrong and Write

The Internet is a powerful tool. It’s changed our lives in so many ways, and made sharing knowledge much easier.

5 Common Myths about Copyright Exposed

How much do you really know about copyright?

Why Would You Publish a Book?

So does this mean that self-publishing a book may not be worth your time?

Why "I found it on the Internet…" Makes Me Nervous!

When self-publishing, it’s especially important for an author to be aware of the potential legal risks involved in writing and publishing a…